Short Starts is a column devoted to kicking off the week with a short film, typically one tied to a new release. Today we look at a recent work starring Tom Hardy, whose new movie "Warrior" opens this Friday.

Rising British star Tom Hardy has been widely seen in American film and TV for a whole decade now, beginning with appearances in "Black Hawk Down" and "Band of Brothers" followed by a very prominent role in "Star Trek Nemesis," but it wasn't until last summer's "Inception" that he really broke out and became a well-known performer in the States. That role convinced people to go back and see his stunning tour de force stint in "Bronson" and has us all excited for his reunion with Christopher Nolan as Batman nemesis Bane in next year's "The Dark Knight Rises." This week we get another positive step in his career with the critically acclaimed mixed martial arts film "Warrior," opening Friday, not to mention the terrific buzz coming out of Venice this week for his subsequent film, "Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy," which arrives in theaters in December.

In addition to continuing to explode in features, Hardy also made the rounds at festivals this year in the short film "Sergeant Slaughter, My Big Brother." While it earned both director Greg Williams and Hardy awards at the Chicago Short Film Festival last November, the 12½-minute work is probably best known for its full-frontal nudity displayed by the actor. In his very first scene Hardy is naked save for a green beret and a knife sheath strapped to his leg, as he sculpts what looks like an extremely flexible man out of clay. The plot concerns this buff, in-the-buff guy on the eve of his departure to join the French Foreign Legion, beating on his little brother (original voice of Cedric Diggory, Ben Macleod) at every turn and trying to avoid telling his parents about the enlistment. "Skins" (UK) series five regular Sean Teale costars as a local bully.

Check out the short after the jump, but remember it is pretty NSFW, at least in the beginning.

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