Anne Makepeace and Joan Churchill
Anne Makepeace and Joan Churchill

Anne Makepeace and Joan Churchill have been making newsworthy documentaries for my own entire career.  

Joan's father owned Churchill Films, one of the nation's leading educational film companies when such a thing existed to service schools, universities, libraries and special interest groups.  

The concept has never died but today in this dearth of real news that matters, Anne Makepeace and Joan Churchill continue to make documentaries which perform a major service to those who care more about humanity than about dollars. Here is what Anne Makepeace writes:

Midsummer Madness

The dog days of summer are here, but we're still busy with two new films, madly fundraising and prepping for a shoot in Africa with Kenyan artist Wangechi Mutu.

Bound for Kenya

In a few weeks, Joan Churchill and I will be filming Wangechi’s first family trip home in two decades. Meet the artist and see some of her astonishing work in the trailer below.

Filming Tribal Justice

It's a rare thing to find both of the judges we are featuring in the California Tribal Justice film in the same place. Judge Claudette White came up from the Quechan reservation in Southern California to Klamath on the North Coast for the Cross Court Cultural Exchange hosted by Yurok Judge Abby Abinanti.
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We are fortunate to be filming with these strong, dedicated women who are working through their tribal courts to heal their people, keep their children, and revitalize their cultures by strengthening families and restoring traditional forms of justice.