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A Walk Down the Cannes Croisette

by Sydney Levine
June 7, 2012 9:12 AM
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The main street, La Croisette, has been described as Rodeo Drive on steroids with a beach.
The main street, La Croisette, has been described as Rodeo Drive on steroids with a beach.

This is a typical day in Cannes as one walks along the Croisette (between the Mediterranean shore and the hotels and offices) where international sales agents are selling their films at the Cannes Market and Film Festival.

Sidewalks are usually too crowded for the busy buyers, festival programmers, press and publicists to make meetings on time. 

Performers like “Mozart with his two performing cats” put on the same act every year.  You can see him in the first video here.

The Leopard Ladies used to walk the Croisette as well, and everyone would exclaim, There are the Leopard Ladies" when we saw them year after year. They are still around but not always on the Croisette.  This year I found them in the press area of the Cannes Palais, being interviewed!!. 

The Leopard Ladies Get Interviewed
The Leopard Ladies Get Interviewed

There is also a wood carver carving celebrities’ heads.  There used to be three cross dressers sporting the same flamboyant costumes of wide brim hats matching the full skirted dresses as their greyhound dogs and an overly tanned man in blue swim trunks regaling café customers with the first notes of the song “Volare”.  There are Brazilian dancers, break dancers, poets and singers.

In this first video you can see publicist and Cannes expert Lucius Barre (wearing an argyle sweater) ducking around the crowd to get to his next appointment.  You will also see our client Alexander Bendahan greet us, and Mozart with his two cats as he takes off after some non-paying picture taker.

In the second video you will see Peter, my partner, conversing with Alexander about his project -- five docs on music of the Antilles islands, starting with St. Barts -- as they continue their stroll down the Croisette on a typical day in Cannes. 

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  • Vio | April 25, 2013 12:25 PMReply

    But more interesting is that you can see in Cannes -the next Arnold Scwarzenneger .... Is not a joke... looks like Arnold but younger(around 35 years old) A verry good news for Terminator fans....

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