Ivan and Carolina, Producers from Costa Rica
Ivan and Carolina, Producers from Costa Rica

Karolina Hernandez (co-producer) Iván Porras Melendez (writer-director) were attending the Talents Script Station with their next project El Baile y El Salon (The Ballroom) which they are making with partner in LaFeria Producciones, Marcela Esquivel Jiménez, the producer of the Costa Rican film Princesas Rojas (Red Princesses) which screened last year at the Berlinale and LALIFF.

Though the script is in development, cast and locations have been secured.  The film will be a coproduction in which Costa Rica will provide 60% of the budget.  They were in Berlin meeting possible Latin American partners from Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Panama and Mexico for 20% and European partners from Germany, France, the Netherlands and Spain…although I would not be surprised if a producer from Poland took an interest for the remaining 20%.  This will also further their distribution possibilities which is of primary concern. They began their journey at the Morelia Lab. The film won a cash prize in Rotterdam granted by Cinergi Encuentro so their Berlin trip began on a high note. 

The film is the story of a 72 year old’s dream of winning a trophy, though not on the soccer field but in a Latin dance contest.  When he loses his female dance partner, he asks a man to dance with him which incurs the censure of his family and forces him to face his own prejudices.  In this comedy the dancers, all above 70, must face the same problems teenagers have; their families tell them what they can do, their nursing homes have curfews and they are even revisiting their own sexual identities.  Finding happiness through the freedom of one's body is the key to this film.

You can visit their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/laferiaproducciones   

Their production company, Dos Sentidos, has several other projects brewing as well, including Caceria (The Hunt) whose trailer we saw last year in Guadalajara and has already received support from the Proartes Fund, Ibermedia Fund, Cinergia Fund and Rotterdam Lab (Netherlands 2014), Bus al Sur (Southern Bus), a coproduction with Mexico which was developed at the Morelia Lab, and is a coproduction between all the countries of Central America which has also received support from the Cinergia Fund, Morelia Lab and Rotterdam Lab, and Flamenco Triangle an experimental documentary. We look forward to seeing them again at FICG in Guadalajara in March!