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Blu-ray/DVD Release: Stranger by the Lake

by Carlos Aguilar
May 13, 2014 6:30 PM
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Stranger by the Lake
Stranger by the Lake

Last year's Cannes sensation Stranger by the Lake has an incredible theatrical run in the U.S. this past January from Strand Releasing, now Alain Guiraudie's sublime erotic mystery is available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Stranger by the Lake

The film takes place in a gay lakeside cruising spot during the summer in France. There, Franck (Pierre Deladonchamps), a young homosexual man looking for company, falls for an odd man,Michel (Christophe Paou), who seduces him from a distance and becomes an instant obsession. Under the blazing sun their passion is born out of a crime that Franck witnessed but prefers to hide to keep Michel by his side. Then there is Henri (Patrick d'Assumçao), an older man who sincerely befriends Franck, and whose loneliness is becoming too much for him to bear. Accompanied by many others who, like them,enjoy undisclosed sexual encounters in the nearby woods, the two men will soon faced the cost of choosing carnal desire over rational thinking.

Stranger by the Lake is a grade A masterpiece. One of the most acclaimed films of this year. Playing across the world to mesmerized audiences, the film has a 95% score on Rotten Tomatoes and won the Queer Palm and Un Certain Regard Award for Best Director at Cannes in 2013. Exquisitely crafted, perfectly written, and imbued with a dangerous eroticism unmatched by any other film in recent memory, this is a must-see.

To buy the film click HERE or HERE

Take Look at the our interview with Director Alain Guiraudie

Stranger by the Lake
Stranger by the Lake

Interview: Alain Guiraudie on his Alluring and Explicit Film Stranger by the Lake

A sunbathed murderous man who can ignite a morally corrosive desire in those around him, at a lakeside homosexual cruising spot, is at the center of Alain Guiraudie’s latest erotic mystery Stranger by the Lake. Unafraid to present the promiscuous sexuality of its characters with unapologetically explicit imagery, the film is the perfect exposition of passion overruling rationality. This man, whose charm is inexplicably magnetic for a younger visitor to the clandestine meeting place, commits a murder of which his prospective lover is the only witness. Guiraudie’s astonishing atmospheric delivery combined with the evocative and unsettling idea of being in love with a dangerous individual make for a truly suspenseful film. The fact that everything occurs under the bright sunlight of a beautiful French summer adds a layer of captivating duality that plays with the thin line between fear and infatuation, pain and pleasure, or seduction and manipulation. I talked to Mr.Guiraudie during his visit to this year’s Sundance Film Festival where the film screen in the Spotlight section as one of the most acclaimed works from last year’s festival circuit.

Aguilar: Your film deals with a dangerous man, and how Frank, the man that falls for him, wants him irrationally. Is it the mysterious quality or the danger he emanates that lure Frank in?

Guiraudie: No. It is not danger that attracts Frank. He remains attracted to Michel, although he is a murderer. It is not because Michel is a murderer that Frank is attracted to him, but he is attracted to him first and falls in love even though he becomes a murderer, and he is willing to go with it..READ MORE

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  • jony O | May 16, 2014 9:28 PMReply

    There is also a great review of this film at screenplayisles.blogspot

  • Ted | May 13, 2014 9:48 PMReply

    Grade-A masterpiece? Why are we so quick to ordain everything a masterpiece? Look, I thought Stranger by the Lake was brilliant and a candidate for masterpiece, but it takes decades to tell whether the artistic creation can endure - because that's the true test of a masterwork, whether it endures fads and rushed judgments.

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