Us Distrib 2014 1QTvnew2

Two NEW Reports are currently available:

SydneysBuzz: U.S. Film Distributors 2014 1st Quarter- Just Added!

Know what U.S. Distributors are acquiring, what projects are in play and what companies are in the mix.  This report is meant to be useful for producers looking for U.S. distribution.  If you are a distributor or international sales agent based in the U.S. or any of the other 60 international territories worldwide, this report will inform you and back you up as you make the important decisions your job demands.  Armed with information and links on all the current U.S. distributors and their most recent acquisitions, you can judge where and with whom your film belongs or what you should be acquiring, thus gaining the edge over the competition who is either scatter-shooting or relying on word of mouth.  

This Report listing U.S. Distributors gives the most recent pickups for North America or the U.S. from January through March 2014. The report includes links by title to Cinando to allow the reader to see who the international sales agent is, to IMDbPro for further research and to the U.S. Distributor's own website. It gives the broad strokes for the deal and when available, mentions the reported sales figure. 
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