Dust on the Tongue (Tierra en la Lengua) by Rubén Mendoza
Dust on the Tongue (Tierra en la Lengua) by Rubén Mendoza

The 54th Edition of the Cartagena Film Festival has come to an end and the winners have been announced. The indisputable protagonists this year were Marmato by Mark Grieco, winning three awards, Rubén Mendoza's Dust on the Tongue, and the Chilean film To Kill a Man by Alejandro Fernández Almendras, with two awards each. Surely these three films and several other winners will become important works at other upcoming festivals since many of them have already done well at Sundance, Rotterdam, and Berlin.

Official Competition: Narrative Feature

Members of the Jury: Wendy Mitchell - Jose Maria Riba - Pawel Pawlikowski

Best Film: Dust on the Tongue (Tierra en la Lengua) by Rubén Mendoza (Colombia- Winner of $15K

Special Jury Prize: The Third Side of the River (La Tercera Orilla) by Celina Murga (Argentina, The Netherlands, Germany)

Best Director: Alejandro Fernández Almendras for To Kill a Man (Matar a un hombre) (Chile, France)

To Kill a Man

Best Actor: Fernando Bacilio for El Mudo (Peru, Mexico, France)


Members of the Jury: Carlos Heredero - Hiroaki Saitô - Michal Oleszczyk

Best Film: To Kill a Man by Alejandro Fernández Almendras (Chile, France)

Other Awards

OCLACC Award (Catholic Organization of

Communications for Latin America and the Caribbean)

Special Mention:

Mateo by María Gamboa (Colombia

Official Competition: Colombian Cinema

Members of the Jury: David Melo - Alissa Simon - Daniela Michel

Best Film: Marmato
by Mark Grieco (Colombia, USA) Winner of the I.SAT Award for $30K and the Cinecolor Award for $11k in deliveries

Special Jury Prize: Mateo by María Gamboa

Best Director: Rubén Mendoza for Dust on the Tongue (Tierra en la lengua). Winner of Hangar Films Award for $30K in film equipment to produce his next film.

Additional Awards

Audience Award Colombia: Marmato by Mark Grieco

(Colombia, USA). Winner of $15K

Official Competition: Documentary

Members of the Jury: Gary Meyer- Luis Ospina - Laurie Collyer

Best Film: Marmato by Mark Grieco (Colombia, USA). Winner of the Cinecolor Award for $13Kin post-production services.

Special Jury Prize: What Now? Remind Me (E Agora? Lembra-me) by Joaquim Pinto (Portugal)

Best Director: Justin Webster for I Will Be Murdered (

Seré asesinado) (Spain, Denmark, U.K.)

Official Competition: Short Film

Members of the Jury: Oswaldo Osorio -

Statues (Estatuas) by Roberto Fiesco
Statues (Estatuas) by Roberto Fiesco

Pacho Bottia - Denis de la Roca

Best Short Film:

Statues (Estatuas) by Roberto Fiesco (Mexico). Winner of a professional SONY camera and $3K from Cinecolor in post-production services for his next project. Special Jury Prize: About a Month (Pouco Mais de um Mês) by

André Novais Oliveira (Brazil)

Best Director:

Manuel Camacho Bustillo for Blackout chapter 4 "A Call to Neverland" (Blackout capítulo 4 "Una llamada a Neverland")  (Mexico). Winner of a SONY photographic camera.


Members of the Jury:
Like Father Like Son
Mauricio Reina - Manuel Kalmanowitz - Sofia Gomez Gonzalez

Best Film: Like Father, Like Son by
Hirokazu Koreeda (Japan). Winner of the RCN Award for $50 to promote the release of the film in Colombia.

Special Jury Prize: Ilo Ilo by Anthony Chen (Singapore)

New Creators

Members of the Jury: Javier Mejía- Diego Vega - Cynthia García Calvo

Best Short Film: Alén by Natalia Imery (Universidad del Valle).

Runner-up:  The Earth's Whisper (El murmullo de la tierra) by Alejandro Daza (Universidad Nacional)