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Chatting with Filmmakers: 5 Interviews on Currents Releases

by Carlos Aguilar
May 2, 2014 12:59 PM
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Over the past week we have published 5 interview with the directors of some of the most interesting films currently playing in theaters. From acclaimed French auteur Francois Ozon on Young & Beautiful, Marc Silver and his immigration documentary Who is Dayani Cristal?, and Polish visionary Pawel Pawlikowski and his latest work Ida. At the same time we also featured interviews with talented documentarian Richard Ray Perez and his perspective on an icon in Cesar's Last Fast, and Argentinian director Lucia Puenzo's historical fiction The German Doctor. Take look at all these fascinating conversations directly from the source of the art form, the directors.

Francois Ozon on Young & Beautiful 

Marine Vacth and Dir. François Ozon

"Beauty can be something difficult to cope with” It is not usual, but he said some of these girls want to go with these dirty old men because their beauty is too much too heavy to carry. They don't want to be humiliated, but they want to feel normal." -Francois Ozon 

Full Interview 

Lucia Puenzo on The German Doctor

Lucía Puenzo's 'The German Doctor'

"This is a character that lived 30 years running away from the Mossad, which was always hot on his heels in Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil. They never captured him, and he probably died without ever being found, this lends itself for these kinds of conspiracy theories and myths. We can only hope that he died in a prison like many other Nazis that were extradited, and not at the beach in Brazil. He is a character that lends itself to these intriguing stories because they never found him." -Lucia Puenzo 

Full Interview

Richard Ray Perez on Cesar's Last Fast

Richard Ray Perez on the set of "Cesar's Last Fast"

"Cesar is this is uniquely committed man. He is committed in a way I think few people on this Earth are. Now, he has flaws, and probably some serious flaws, but it could take that type of person to make those changes. Yeah, he was probably a control freak, yes he probably didn’t tolerate descent, but if you think about what he did, and the commitment, that’s some heavy stuff. I wouldn’t be able to do it, most people wouldn’t be able to do it. He is a deeply committed man who is complicated, but most interesting human beings are complicated. He made immensely positive impact on society. The fact that he was a flawed man shouldn’t undermine all the positive that he accomplished."-Richard Ray Perez

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

Marc Silver on Who is Dayani Cristal? 

Gael Garcia Bernal in "Who is Dayani Cristal?"

"I remember being in the car with my friends talking about the situation, and what I found really interesting was to ask myself “If I lived in Honduras, were my chances of earning a living were really small, would I have made that journey for my family?” And you know what, I probably would have. If people start asking that question to themselves it might a more useful way of understanding the immigration debate, more than defending your right-wing or left-wing opinion." -Marc Silver 

Full Interview

Paweł Pawlikowski on IDA

"Ida" director Pawel Pawlikowski.

"Ida has multiple origins, the most interesting ones probably not quite conscious. Let's say that I come from a family full of mysteries and contradictions and have lived in one sort of exile or another for most of my life. Questions of identity, family, blood, faith, belonging, and history have always been present." -Paweł Pawlikowski

Full Interview

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