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Under continuous pressure from cat film fans worldwide, online distributor Distrify has finally introduced a fully translated version of the Distrify player in Lingua Feline. Cats are fiercely independent creatures and this innovation allows them to select and watch films without the help of their owners for the first time in history. 

"With the rising popularity of cat videos online, we realized we had to meet the demand and make the video player available in a language that our fans could understand," said Distrify's CEO Peter Gerard.

Cats around the world are now able to paw at their tablets and start streaming classic films like Cat Ladies, The Lion King, The Aristocats, Garfield, Cat People, Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore, Fritz the Cat, The Cat in the Hat, as  well as watch the glamorous A-listers such as Blofeld’s right-hand in the Bond films, Jonesy in Alien, Snowbell in Stuart Little, Mr Bigglesworth in Austin Powers, Sassy in Homeward Bound, Cat in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Mir Jinx in Meet the Parents, Jake in The Cat From Outer Space, all from the comfort of their own litter box or sofa. 

When asked for comment Bali, a film aficionado from Barnet enthusiastically said, "Meow meow meow Distrify meow. Meow, meow, awards, meow, meow, Palm Dog, meow, discrimination, meow, puurrrrrrrrr." 

Distrify have curated a special collection of films in Lingua Feline

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Distrify is the fast-growing online cinema with integrated viral marketing tools offering filmmakers and distributors the opportunity to reach audiences worldwide. 

The Distrify model turns every trailer for a film into an instant VoD player allowing the customer on discovering a film to click ‘rent’ or ‘buy’.  Film fans are rewarded for sharing trailers with their contacts and film critics, online publishers and film fans are able to curate their favourite film collections and earn money for their efforts.  Not only does Distrify offer international distribution, but it also ensures that the majority of the revenue earned back by films is passed back to the filmmaker.

Distrify has announced a number of audience development projects in recent weeks all showing how the platform is pioneering direct-to-fan online film distribution.

  • Distrify is setting up an online platform for the BFI Production Board Collection which will offer audiences worldwide to classics from the collection of 300 films.
  • Creative Scotland is using Distrify to promote and offer the Scottish Film Collection to national and international audiences.
  • The Bangalore-based portal is using Distrify to premiere films to the Indian diaspora.
  • The Glasgow Film Theatre and the Edinburgh Filmhouse are using Distrify to explore cinema-curated Video on Demand (VoD) for a slate of six films.
  • Distrify has provided the platform for LGBT film distributor Wolfe Video’s
  • Distrify is partnering The Guardian and international film distributors to offer films such as Terry’s Gilliam’s The Wholly Family.

The Distrify model and technology has been pioneered by co-founders Peter Gerard and Andy Green.

Peter Gerard is an award-winning film producer whose films played at festivals, sold for international broadcast, and downloaded tens of thousands of times. He has also specialised in Rich Internet Applications development and has designed and programmed award-winning eCommerce and eCommunity applications for large financial institutions, governmental organisations, and commercial clients. He built the website for The D-Word online community of documentary professionals and is regularly invited to speak on panels throughout Europe and the US. 

Andy Green is an award-winning film editor and producer whose experience includes promos, commercials, broadcast documentaries and short dramas. As an independent producer his films have won several awards including Best Short Documentary prizes at the Palm Springs and San Francisco film festivals. Having developed three screenplays, all of which were funded, Andy has been featured as an up-and-coming producer at the EIFF/Scottish Executive “Features Scotland” Expo.

Distrify chairman David Nicholas Wilkinson, founder of the Guerilla companies, has an award-winning track record in film/TV and theatre production; cinema/DVD/VOD/airline/TV/online distribution; book publishing, as well as event management. An award-winning actor, he has starred in film/TV/theatre productions, has produced and/or distributed almost 150 feature films and has advised on financing for more than 300 feature film projects.