Distrib Films' 'Our Children'
Distrib Films' 'Our Children'
For the past three years young distribution company Distrib Films has released a variety of important independent titles in France, including

Armadillo, Tyrannosaur, Lapland Odyssey, The Silence, Painless, and Bedeville. Now headed by CEO

Francois Scippa-Kohn the company has expanded its horizons and started distributing French-language films in the United States becoming a leading distributor in both sides of the Atlantic.

Francois Scippa-Kohn joined the team at Distrib in 2010 after heading

Chrysalis Films, a company he started in 2008 and which distributed independent films in France like 

Let The Right One In, City Island and Primo Levi's Journey. Last year  Scippa-Kohn became CEO of Distrib Films, a move that will prove crucial in the development of the company's American market.


Distrib Films current and upcoming titles include:

Becoming Traviata

Our Children (Belgium's Oscar Submission in 2012)

Billy and Buddy

Just a Sigh

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