The fifth edition of Producers Lab Toronto is set to launch during the Toronto International Film Festival® from September 3 to 6, 2014. Ten producers each from Europe and Canada and four participants coming from Australia and New Zealand will meet at TIFF to exchange ideas and information on funding and co-production on both sides of the Atlantic and Down Under. Each year, this successful networking platform facilitates the development of several trans-Atlantic co-productions. Sixty-six of the 96 previous participants are working on 82 projects at different stages of production, with some of the films having since been completed.

Cliff Curtis in "The Dark Horse."
Cliff Curtis in "The Dark Horse."

The international networking event is organized by European Film Promotion (EFP) in collaboration with the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) and the Toronto International Film Festival®. For the second time, Screen Australia and the New Zealand Film Commission (NZFC) will be supporting the event. Additional financial backing comes from Eurimages and Telefilm Canada and the associated EFP member organizations.

On the look-out for projects with a wider scope regarding financing, creativity and distribution, the 24 participants will be taking part in pitching sessions, case studies, roundtables and various networking events with key people from the film industry and film funds.

"La Sapienza"
"La Sapienza"

The participants of the Producers Lab Toronto 2014 program have prior co-production experience and high-quality projects in the pipeline which could be interesting for the international market. The Europeans are selected by the EFP network from the alumni of their prestigious Cannes-based networking platform Producers On The Move. Canadian producers are selected by OMDC and TIFF from an open call across Canada, while Screen Australia and New Zealand Film Commission each selected two participants from their countries.

This year, four participants will see their films included in official sections at the Toronto International Film Festival®: two Canadian world premieres - "Wet Bum," produced by Paula Devonshire, and "Backcountry," produced by Thomas Michael - have been selected for TIFF. In addition, Italy's Alessandro Borrelli co-produced "La Sapienza," which will have its North American premiere in Toronto, and New Zealand’s producer Tom Hern is present at TIFF with "The Dark Horse."

"Wet Bum"
"Wet Bum"

European participants

Nuno Bernardo , beActive Entertainment (Portugal)
Alessandro Borrelli , La Sarraz Pictures (Italy)
Daniel Burlac , Elefant Films (Romania)
Alise Ģelze , Tasse Film (Latvia)
Henning Kamm , DETAiLFILM (Germany)
Mark Lwoff , Bufo (Finland)
Radim Procházka ; Produkce Radim Procházka
(Czech Republic)
Xavier Ruiz , RCE Ruiz Cardinaux Entertainment (Switzerland)
Isabelle Stead , Human Films (United Kingdom)
Marta Velasco , Áralan Films (Spain)

Australian participants

Kristian Moliere , Triptych Pictures
Anna Vincent , Southern Light Alliance

Canadian participants

George Ayoub , Ramaco Media
Bev Bliss , Moving Films
Paula Devonshire , Devonshire Productions
Borga Dorter , Gearshift Films
Walter Forsyth , Gorgeous Mistake Productions
Judy Holm , Markham Street Films
Mehernaz Lentin , Industry Pictures
Thomas Michael , Fella Films
Geordie Sabbagh , Geordie Sabbagh Productions
Marc Stephenson , Sheep Noir Films

New Zealand's participants

John Barnett , South Pacific Pictures
Tom Hern , Four Knights Film