A same-sex bi-national couple fights inequality because of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act)

  • Next year the Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of DOMA 
  • For the first time in history the Democratic Platform supports Gay Marriage.
  • Last year the Obama administration stopped defending DOMA as it finds it unconstitutional


"Ross is appealing in the lead role…. with particularly strong efforts from Witt and,
in a solid supporting turn, Mickey Cottrell as Jack's elderly friend and mentor." - Hollywood Reporter

I DO 1
I Do
Palm Springs International Film Festival
Friday Jan 11th 7:30 PM Camelot Theaters (cast & crew in attendance)
Saturday Jan 12th 2:30 PM Camelot Theaters (cast & crew in attendance)

Director: Glenn Gaylord
Writer: David W Ross
Producers: David W Ross, Stephen Israel
Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Sopranos)
Alicia Witt (Friday Night Lights)
Maurice Compte (Breaking Bad, End of Watch)
David W Ross (Quinceanera)
Mickey Cottrell (My Own Private Idaho)
Grant Bowler (Liz & Dick)

World Premiere: Outfest 2012 Ford Series
WINNER: Philadelphia QFest - "Rising Film Star Award" David W Ross
WINNER: Long Beach QFilm Fest
WINNER: Best Drama Atlanta Out On Film
WINNER: Audience Award Pittsburgh Qfest
WINNER: Audience Award Seattle LGBT Film Festival

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I do 3

I do 4
I do 5

Beautiful urbanites steam up the screen in this ensemble family drama about a complicated love triangle from film maker Glenn Gaylord (EATING OUT 3, LEAVE IT ON THE FLOOR). To stay in New York City, gay Brit Jack (David W Ross "Quinceanera") convinces his lesbian best friend Ali (Jamie Lynn-Sigler, “The Sopranos”) to marry him. Things get messy when he falls for a sexy Spanish architect while his commitment to his brother's widow (Alicia Witt) and his young niece complicates his decision either to stay or to follow his lover.

I DO cleverly examines the complications of immigration issues in the absence of marriage equality for LGBT people on a Federal level, while also presenting a nuanced adult drama that resonates deeply amidst the current fight for U.S. marriage equality.

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