Ira Deutchman
Ira Deutchman

Ira Deutchman is one of the favorites of the indie industry.  A longtime acquisitions executive going back to days at Cinecom and as a founder of Fine Line Features, the art house arm of New Line, his expertise in new media in the 80s helped me start FilmFinders and has kept him ahead of the curve to this day, where he now has established one of the first digital distribution companies, Emerging Pictures and is the Chairman of the Film Program at Columbia University in New York City.

During Ira's keynote speech at the Art House Convergence this January, he skipped over the entire Fine Line era of his career because it was getting too long. Here it resurfaces as a class he did at University of Michigan


The Missing 5 Pages: A History of Fine Line
Posted on August 28, 2013 by Ira

Those of you who have watched my Keynote at the Art House Convergence may not have have realized that in the interest of time, I ended up cutting out five pages of the planned speech–an entire decade of my experience founding and running Fine Line Features. Coincidentally, several months later I was asked to speak at the University of Michigan in a class entitled “New Line and New Hollywood Cinema,” taught by Professor Dan Herbert. Here is a video of my guest lecture, which fills in the missing piece of my Art House talk. Thanks to Professor Herbert for providing the tape, and to his class for what was a great session.

There is some interesting information in here about the politics of theatrical exhibition, and how that relates to the success of Sony Classics. Please comment and let us know your thoughts…