IM Global is forming partnerships that reach way beyond its original incarnation.  When founder Stuart Ford launched the company in 2007, we had not realized the real meaning of the name IM Global.

What was known from its inception was that the company was one of the leading film financing, production, sales and distribution companies in the world.  But when Reliance Entertainment, part of the Indian conglomerate Reliance ADA Group, acquired a majority shareholding in the company in May 2010, the word Global took on new meaning.

Not only did they claim to champion a wide variety of cinema, including mainstream commercial, art house, foreign language and genre fare with their offices in Los Angeles, London, and Mumbai, but their diversification has since expanded to include its newest partnership with Jason Blum’s Blumhouse and in Berlin 2013 its partnership with Canana (Who is Dayani Cristal?, Sin Nombre, Miss Bala), forming a 50-50 joint venture called Mundial.

Dedicated to international sales of Latin American cinema, Mundial will handle international sales for 8 to 10 Latin American titles per year.  The company has picked up three films thus far: Mariana Chenillo's Paraiso, which begins shooting in January; Cannes winner Michael Rowe's new film Manto Acuifero; and Mr. Pig, Diego Luna's fourth work as a director. 

Luna, along with fellow actor Gael Garcia Bernal and producer Pablo Cruz, are co-founders of Canana. Under the agreement, Mundial will handle Canana productions.

Mundial's board comprises IM Global CEO Stuart Ford, Canana executives Cruz and Julian Levy, and IM Global's president of international sales and distribution, Jonathan Deckter.

Canana is also part of ParticipantPanamerica, a brilliant production partnership Participant, teaming together Canana,

Chile’s Fabula (Gloria, Young and Wild) of the fabulous Lorrain brothers who made No (with Participant) as well as Sebastian Silva’s best films to date, Colombia’s Dynamo (Undertow, The Hidden Face).

Aside from these two new startup joint ventures, there are other arms:

IM GLOBAL OPUS: Mainstream, commercial cinema targeted at the multiplex audience.
IM GLOBAL ACCLAIM: Critically acclaimed arthouse and specialty cinema. 
IM GLOBAL ANTHEM: The best of non-English language cinema from around the world.
IM GLOBAL OCTANE: Branded genre fare.
IM APSARA: A rights acquisition and distribution vehicle that serves the rapidly evolving Asian markets.

In addition there is the 3rd joint venture, AUTOMATIK: A production and financing joint venture with E1 Entertainment focused on films in the $5 million - $15 million range.

When I think of Stuart Ford now, I understand the I AM Global moniker!  Good work!!