Our International Sales Agent (ISA) of the Day coverage is back again for this year's Cannes Film Festival. We will feature successful, upcoming, innovative and trailblazing agents from around the world, and cover the latest trends in sales and distribution. Beyond the numbers and deals, this segment will also share inspirational and unique stories of how these individuals have evolved and paved their way in the industry, and what they envision for the new waves in global cinema. 

Double Dutch International is an international sales company based in Toronto, Canada and was established in 2010 by principles Jason Moring and Ron Moring. There are not many Canadian sales companies, so Double Dutch strives to help Canadian producers get representation a global scale.

Double Dutch recently acquired rights for The Scarehouse
Double Dutch recently acquired rights for The Scarehouse

Double Dutch recently acquired International sales rights to the horror feature The Scarehouse, written and directed by Gavin Michael Booth. Double Dutch will begin selling the title at the 2014 Cannes Marché du Film. Principle Jason Moring says, "We're excited to team with D Films and A Named Viking to bring the film to buyers in Cannes in time to capitalize on the Halloween theme this fall."

Jason Moring recently took the time to speak with SydneysBuzz.

How did Double Dutch International start?

My entire career has been in the movie business, and worked almost backwards. I started in retail, and got into distribution. Now I'm involved as the sales agent and also have started to produce and executive produce content. I've lived my whole career in the chain of movie making. My partner has been involved in the industry since the early days of VHS, so we kind of both lived the movie world our entire careers.

Our history was in domestic North American distribution, where we ran and operated a distribution company called Morning Star Entertainment for 12 years. We represented such prestigious brands as Criterion, The Canadian Broadcast Company, Scholastic and bought from a variety of ISA’s. We sold that company in '07.

Double Dutch started as a Canadian licensing company, licensing content in Canada and the U.S. In 2011, after the demise of Blockbuster and all those rental outlets in 2010, we started up the foreign sales arm. That's been our focus for the last two and a half years.

In the end, we're here to service producers--that's our goal, to make sure that producers' content is being seen and that they're being treated fairly.

I Put A Hit On You, from Double Dutch International
I Put A Hit On You, from Double Dutch International

What kind of content are you looking for?

We're open to most content. For us, it's about the story and the production value of the content. We want something that we feel will resonate with buyers on a global scale. Obviously budget and cast are big considerations. We've done four or five films that have been represented at TIFF (Toronto Film Festival). We've done foreign films. We've done low budget genre projects. We run the gamut. Moving forward, we're getting involved in development and production and helping producers at earlier stages. Current projects in development include Lockport, Killer Odds, The Blue Mauritius and Asher (See our blog on the producer of Asher, Erika Olmos).    

Who are your buyers?

We sell to every distributer around the world, both domestic and foreign. For our higher-level content, we talk to the bigger studios. For our mid and lower level content, we're talking to the smaller and midrange distributors. 

We deal with Europe, which is common in the industry, but we've had some good success in Latin America. Domestic is our highest grossing market, followed by Europe and Latin America.

How are sales?

Sales are great, actually. We're in a unique position where we came into foreign sales while sales were declining, so we never really were involved when sales were at these massive peaks that everyone was used to. For us, it's been a consistent upturn, year after year, when some of the other guys are feeling a little bit of the crunch of numbers being lower and sales being down. 

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More About Double Dutch:

Double Dutch International (DDI) is a globally recognized sales company, representing high level, cast driven features with strong commercial viability worldwide, across all media platforms. DDI's brings a fresh look to sales, uniquely blending experience with the flexibility to adapt in today's market reality. We find enthusiastic and creative distribution partners for our producers ensuring maximum exposure and return for each film. Double Dutch will be located in the Riviera stand H12 during the Cannes Film Festival.