Daniel Burman (right) directs leads Guillermo Francella and Inés Estevez (center).
Daniel Burman (right) directs leads Guillermo Francella and Inés Estevez (center).

Variety published December 3rd an interview with Argentine producer/writer/director Daniel Burman regarding his new romantic comedy movie The Mystery of Happiness (El misterio de la felicidad), starring Guillermo Francella and Inés Estévez, and the international co-production team behind it. “It was a great experience," said the filmmaker in the interview. "Without a doubt, today Brazil is a natural ally for Argentina in film production".

Burman , along with partner Diego Dubcovsky, are the founders of production company BD Cine and the Agentine half of the creative team behind The Mystery of Happiness. Together with Brazilian Total Filmes, BD Cine continues to broaden the horizons of the Argentine film market through second-screen technology investment and its full commitment to Latin American content production.

The mystery of happiness

We believe that the development of new technologies driving the convergence of the different ways of telling stories,” said Burman, “and expressing ideas and emotions has tremendous potential”. Regarding the evolution of film market over the past few years, Burman said “ As directors, we need to dominate our egos and accept the fact that we no longer decide how our movies are to be watched. We only decide what they tell .”

The Mystery of Happiness is scheduled for release on January 16th, 2014 in Argentina.

You can read the original Variety article here: http://variety.com/2013/film/international/daniel-burman-today-brazil-is-a-natural-ally-for-argentina-in-film-production-1200916568/