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LatinoBuzz: What made you pick up the paint brush in the first place?

Inocente: it was just there, as if it had been waiting for me to take it on a journey. 

LatinoBuzz: 5 people who you would want to watch a sunset with if you could...

Inocente: Irene De Watteville would be one, she is my french tatta! She has such a way of life, I just admire her so so much, she is who I look up too! 2, Daniel Day-Lewis: I met him once and that's all it took for me to fall in love with his soul and way of thinking. 3: Kyle Bowen: Everyone falls in love with him! Even me! But shhhh dont tell! Hahaha, he is the sweetest, most thoughtful person I've ever met. 4: Luna and Bun Bun: they are my bunnies! they make me laugh, I have never taken them to see a sunset so I think I would enjoy seeing them experience that. 5: Zobrino: He is a little stuffed bunny I have, he was given to me by my tatta Irene! He is a a ball of fun, but don't let his sweet face fool you, he can be mischievous at times.

LatinoBuzz: You said in the film that you have some impossible dreams. Are they? You lived in a homeless shelter at 15 yet on February 24th you were on stage at the Oscars. Do you still believe that? 

Inocente: I guess not...

Latinobuzz: What's your hearts definition of "Home"?

Inocente: Home is not just a safe place, but a place I look forward to going too, looking forward to cleaning and fixing, also home is a place you share with people you love. 

LatinoBuzz: What do you hope your art does to anyone who wants to give up?

Inocente: Hopefully makes them not wanna give up! I have always thought that we must never regret, because there's no going back, just alot of bad energy. Look forward to the future, look forward to a brand new shiny day! 

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Latinobuzz: You are incredibly poetic in your words and art - have you ever thought about writing books or making films?

Inocente: Oh, I'd love to write a children's book, not just one but many, many children's books, actually me and Kyle (Kyle Bowen) have some book ideas already. 

Latinobuzz: Pick a song that represents your life:

Inoncente: 'Whip it' by DEVO! 

LatinoBuzz: You did an art workshop here in NYC in the Bronx. Were you made aware of the environment the kids you were talking to where from? And how did that affect you that you were asked to present it to them? 

Inocente: It's always nice to see how they react, because we are the same in way to many ways, they understood me and I understood them. It was such an honor that they let me show the movie to them, I miss all of them, I remember a lot of there sweet faces.

'Inocente' wins Academy Award for Best Documentary Short
'Inocente' wins Academy Award for Best Documentary Short
LatinoBuzz: Does immigration inspire your art?

Inocente: Honestly, not really. 

LatinoBuzz: "In 10 years from now..."

Inocente: I never focus on the years. I focus on the days. We must take life day by day, when we plan to much it usually never goes according to plan, I try to just look forward to the next day and that's about it. 


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