life of an activist 2

In an audacious effort to foment a more conscious approach to fighting for a cause, author and activist Randy Jurado Ertll has written a book, perhaps a manual, to demystify the image of the anger-driven protestors identified with social causes. His voice is one of great experience; growing up with a divided reality between his Salvadorian and American identities he understands the lack of education and need for action within disadvantaged communities.

His latest book titled “The Life of an Activist: In the Frontlines 24/7” highlights the efforts by diverse organizations to aid the Hispanic community in general, and it also serves as a guide for more productive forms of protest. “With my book I want to teach activists that only know how to make signs and scream how they can protest for social change in a sophisticated manner” says the author. Jurado Ertll studied political science at Occidental College, and obtained his Masters in Social Organizations and Leadership at the Azusa Pacific University, achievements that testify of his undeterred pursuit of knowledge in the field of activism.

The author experienced first hand the tribulations illegal immigrants must go trough when seeking refuge in a more promising land. Although born in the United States, Jurado Ertll was deported as an infant with his mother back to El Salvador, a country torn by Civil War in those days. Returning to the U.S he assimilated to the culture but witnessed the lack of opportunities and representation for people like him. Added to that there was an increasingly terrible gang problem in the community, issues that instead of leading him to hopelessness increased his passion for affecting change through more intellectual outlets as he describes in his first book “Hope in Times of Darkness”

The accomplished leader is now promoting his latest work utilizing social media in order to finance a crucial book tour that could take his knowledge across the country. Although the book releases in early September book signings are being scheduled to help spread the word about his inspiring experiences.

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