Children of S

Children of Srikandi world premieres in the Panorama section of the Berlinale. But the producers still need a bit of finishing funds.  They have 20 days left and with a bit of effort it should be possible!  Five of the filmmakers will be in Berlin to present this about lesbians in Indonesia and how their history is merged into the myths and gods of the country.  

Children of Srikandi's crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to raise post-production finances of about US$5,000 has raised all but US$977.

If a person only gives $10, then pledges to invite 10 others to do the same and if 50 people do this they will have raised the total of $ 5,000. And so the chain of micro giving will continue and grow. 

It's a daring film and often dangerous to those involved in its creation.

It is extremely important for the women to finish this film in order to screen it in Indonesia and in the world and to show their own point of view. There are alreasdy many requests from international festivals who want to screen our film in their program.  

The Film Collaborative also has two LGBT films in Panorama:  Vito on Vito Russo and Leave It On The Floor which has a unique festival arc of world premiering at LAFF, Canadian premiering at TIFF and now European premiering at the Berlinale.