There is actually still government grant money being awarded to worthy projects!

The California Council for the Humanities has recently announced the 2011 California Story Fund grantees. Media Arts Center San Diego has been awarded $10,000 for its project, The Search for Equality: LGBTQ Stories of Democracy in Action.

The California Story Fund (CSF) is a competitive grant program of the California Council for the Humanities. The purpose of CSF is to capture genuine and compelling stories from and about California’s diverse communities, and to ensure that those stories can be shared widely.

Media Arts Center San Diego partnering with Bienestar Human Services, Collective Purpose, San Diego Central Public Library, Humanities advisor Dr. Pat Washington and local residents from San Diego’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Questioning (LGBTQ) community will address the meaning of democracy and American society's challenge to live up to its ideals through first person stories. These stories will offer a candid look at where democracy falls short; and at the same time provide a model of empowerment envisioning a strengthened democracy of greater equality, inclusion and justice.

“Youth who have been taught to live the American dream may experience a different reality when they decide to come out; and they discover they’re no longer an equal citizen,” said Patric Stillman, Media Arts Center San Diego’s Innovations and Programming Officer. “By exploring the differences between what the American Dream promises and what the community experiences in reality will underscore the basic freedom expressed in the Declaration of Independence.”

Community members who would like to participate or learn more about The Search for Equality: LGBTQ Stories of Democracy in Action are encouraged to visit

“With our state’s incredible diversity, fostering communication and connecting people to a range of ideas is vital for our general welfare,” said Ralph Lewin, president and CEO of the California Council for the Humanities. “Our grant enables awardees to pursue the important work of engaging new audiences in conversations around stories of significance to Californians.”

Through its California Story Fund, the Council has granted over $2.2 million to projects since 2003. The California Council for the Humanities is an independent non-profit organization and a state partner of the National Endowment for the Humanities. For more information on the council, please visit

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