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No Democracy Without Women

Photo of Sydney Levine By Sydney Levine | Sydneys Buzz September 20, 2013 at 11:30AM

You already know that there's a problem in American media: the higher up the media chain you go, fewer and fewer women—or people of color—have any decision-making power. The result is a country whose media doesn't look like its people!
WMC on CBS This Morning
WMC on CBS This Morning

As part of their continuing efforts to highlight the importance of women in the media, the Women's Media Center's co-founders Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan, and Gloria Steinem appeared this week on CBS This Morning show to not only talk about the lack of women in decision-making positions within the media, but also to promote the organizations varied programs.

"We're having an impact at the Women's Media Center because we're making people aware of the problem, and that's the first big step... We can't have democracy unless women have an equal presence and voice."—WMC Co-Founder Jane Fonda on CBS This Morning

Here are some the WMC's initiatives and programs:

SheSource is a database that includes female experts on a variety of topic and helps connect them with producers, journalists, and bookers for future projects.

Name Ir. Change It works as a tool to prevent and shine light on media sexism against female political candidates in order to create a fair ground in the political arena of the country.

Women Under Siege Project expands the WMC's horizons by dealing with issues of sexualized violence in war-torn areas across the globe, most recently in Syria.

Woman's Media Center Live is the organizations very own radio show headed by Robin Morgan, which provides a breath of fresh air in the overly male-driven airwaves of America. It is live every Saturday at 11:00 EST on WJFK 1580 AM

The WMC will also be hosting their 2013 Women's Media Awards on October 8th in New York City. For more information click HERE

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