"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"
Article by Sharon Abella
Editor of One World Cinema

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" resonates so well with both adults and teens because it is honest. Sadly enough, much of the politics from “The Capitol” in the second film are like corporate politics and media events from everyday life:  from work place politics, to surveillance, to war, PTSD, revolution, fighting to be yourself, to survival, the way powerful people react when they feel threatened, to whom you know, to control and manipulation with life and death stakes. Although set in the future, the film is actually not too far off from reality.

·    Example: Panem, where “the odds are never in our favor”.
·    Example: 75th Hunger Games, aka, the third Quarter Quell, where “there are survivors, but no winners".
·    Example: President Snow: “The trick with the berries was seen as an act of defiance, and not an act of love."
·    “She is not a leader, she is a beacon of hope for the rebellion. They think she is one of them, but really, she is one of us.”

First off, Francis Lawrence is a genius! He took on the sequel, this second film with courtesy, professionalism and competence, with an end result that is truly unprecedented!

Secondly, one must acknowledge Suzanne Collins, the author of the three novels, The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay, because without her vision, the movies would never have become a reality.  Having learned that she has had a passion for Shakespeare from a very young age, I realized the names Plutarch and Cinna are also characters in Julius Caesar.

Third, the costume designer, Trish Summerville, nailed it! Sincerely, a master at her craft!  Effie’s outfits, the alien-like peacekeepers in skeleton suits, Katniss’ designer wedding dress….Jeez! Nailed it.

Fourth, the CG and visual effects were OUTSTANDING! The train, the elevator, the hovercraft, the tidal waves, the holograms. Wow!

Fifth, the music score is so powerful!

Sixth, every girl wants to be Jennifer Lawrence because she is photogenic, charismatic, down to earth, genuine and funny. Every girl wants to kiss Liam, because not only is he handsome, but he is an amazing actor with a long future ahead of him.

As for Josh, he has transitioned from child to adult actor so flawlessly, is a genuinely nice person, understands how the world works, and is another male actor with a long future ahead of him.

Watch this clip from the Rome Press Conference and see how lovable these actors are:

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