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Richard Lormand at the Toronto Film Festival 2014

Photo of Sydney Levine By Sydney Levine | Sydneys Buzz September 1, 2014 at 9:00AM

After a couple of years’ absence publicist/ producer, Richard Lormand is returning to Toronto with a satchel full of films. Check these out because when he chooses films, he chooses them well.
After a couple of years’ absence publicist/ producer, Richard Lormand is returning to Toronto with a satchel full of films.  Check these out because when he chooses films, he chooses them well.


Christian Petzold

Disfigured Holocaust survivor Nina, now unrecognizable after facial reconstruction, returns to find out if her husband really loves her or actually betrayed her...

Starring "Barbara" leads Nina Hoss and Ronald Zehrfeld. Romance and reconstruction in post World War II Germany from the critically
acclaimed director of "Barbara" (Berlinale 2012 Best Director) and "Yella" (Berlinale 2007 Best Actress – Nina Hoss)

Present: Christian Petzold (director), Nina Hoss (actress), Florian Koerner von Gustorf  (producer)

World Sales: The Match Factory

FRI 5 – 18:00 (Public 1 – Elgin/Visa Screening Room)

SAT 6 – 11:30 (Public 2 – Elgin/Visa Screening Room)

SAT 6 – 12:30 (Press/Industry 1 – Scotiabank 2)

TUE 9 - 14:00 (Press/Industry 2 - Scotiabank 14)

FRI 12 - 14:15 (Press/Industry 3 - Scotiabank 7

"Itsi Bitsi"

"Itsi Bitsi"
Ole Christian Madsen

In the soul-searching psychedelic 60s, a rebellious young man desperately tries to win a beautiful woman’s love by transforming from poet to writer, nomad to junkie  and eventually rock star...

The new film by Ole Christian Madsen, acclaimed director of "Superclásico," "Flame and Citron" and "Prague."

Present: Ole Christian Madsen (director), Joachim Fjelstrup (actor), Marie Tourell Søderberg  (actress), Lars Lars Bredo Rahbek (producer)

World Sales: The Match Factory

SAT 6 – 8:30 (Press/Industry 1 – Scotiabank 9)

SAT 6 – 17:15 (Public 1 – Scotiabank 4)

SUN 7 – 9:30 (Public 2 – Bloor Hot Docs Cinema)

TUE 9 - 17:30 (Press/Industry 2 - Scotiabank 7)

FRI 12 – 17:00 (Public 3 – Isabel Bader)

"1001 Grams"
"1001 Grams"

"1001 Grams"
Bent Hamer

Urbane urbanite Marie is a thirty-something scientist whose life is rigorously controlled. When she attends a seminar in Paris on the actual weight of a kilo, it is her own measurement of disappointment, grief and, not least, love, that ends up on the scale. As she explores her new possibilities, everything seems to unfurl magically, beautiful.

Featuring Ane Dahl Torp  (Pioneer, Cold Lunch) in a charmingly offbeat comedy from Norwegian master Bent Hamer ("Kitchen Stories," "O'Horten"). A co-production: Norway (BulBul), France (Slot Machine), Germany (Pandora)

Present: Bent Hamer (director), Ane Dahl Torp (actress), Marianne Slot (producer)

World Sales: Les Films du Losangne 

FRI 5 – 14:00 (Press/Industry 1 – Scotiabank 3)

SUN 7 – 19:15 (Public 1 – TIFF Bell Lightbox 1)

TUE 9 - 9:30 (Press/Industry 2 - Scotiabank 4)

TUE 9 – 14:45 (Public 2 – Scotiabank 2)

SUN 14 – 19:00 (Public 3 – TIFF Bell Lightbox 1)


Danis Tanovic

Devastated when he discovers the effects of the infant formula he’s peddling, a  young salesman takes on a multinational corporation, in this based-on-fact drama from Academy Award-winning director Danis Tanovic ("No Man's Land").

Featuring Bollywood star Emraan Hashmi  ("Once Upon a Time in Mumbai"). A co-production: India (Cinemorphic Pvt Ltd & Sikhya Entertainment), France (ASAP Films)

Present: Danis Tanovic (director), Emraan Hashmi (actor), Geetanjali (actress), Khalid Abdalla  (actor), Prashita Chaudhary (producer), Guneet Monga (producer), Cédomir Kolar (producer), Andy Paterson (producer, co-writer), Achin Jain (executive producer)

World Sales: The Match Factory

SUN 7 – 14:00 (Press/Industry 1 – Scotiabank 10)

MON 8 – 21:45 (Public 1 – Scotiabank 1)

WED 10 - 21:15 (Press/Industry 2 - Scotiabank 7)

WED 10 – 21:30 (Public 2 – Scotiabank 3)

SAT 13 – 17:00 (Public 3 – TIFF Bell Lightbox 1

"Natural Resistance"
"Natural Resistance"

"Natural Resistance"
Jonathan Nossiter

Four Italian winegrowers of a rapidly spreading European natural wine revolution have encountered fierce resistance. Not everyone believes in their struggle for an ecologically progressive, economically just and historically rich expression of Italian

10 years after "Mondovino" world acclaimed director Jonathan Nossiter offers a model of charmed and joyous ecological and cinematic resistance against the new world economic order.

Present: Jonathan Nossiter (director)

SAT 6 – 11:15 (Press/Industry 1 – Scotiabank 7),

MON 8 – 19:00 (Public 1 – TIFF Bell Lightbox 3)

TUE 9 – 19:00 (Public 2 – Jackman Hall)

THU 11 – 17:45 (Public 3 – Bloor Hot Docs Cinema)

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