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Shirin in Love: A Case Study for New Modes of Sales and Distribution.

Photo of Sydney Levine By Sydney Levine | Sydneys Buzz December 1, 2013 at 7:08PM

During the past American Film Market (AFM) 7 &7 Producer;s Sales Services announced they will be the international sales agent for the US romantic comedy Shirin in Love
Ramin Niami's 'Shirin in Love'
Ramin Niami's 'Shirin in Love'

During the past American Film Market (AFM) 7 &7 Producer;s Sales Services announced they would be the international sales agent for the U.S. romantic comedy Shirin in Love. It was also confirmed that the film will see a U.S. theatrical release on an exclusive basis with AMC in at least 15 major markets at AMC theaters. For its first market screening, the film will be part of the EFM in Berlin this February. 

Written and directed by by Ramin Niami the film is set in the affluent Iranian-American Beverly Hills community, and stars Nazanin Boniadi ( Homeland’s new CIA analyst, How I Met Your Mother’s Nora) as Shirin, a quirky twenty-something who, on the eve of her wedding, causes turmoil for her loving family and for her fiancé when an enigmatic handsome outsider opens her eyes to a world very different from the glitz of ‘Tehrangeles.” Riley Smith and Academy Award nominee Amy Madigan co-star with comedians Maz Jobrani and George Wallace rounding out the international cast.

Ramin Niami's 'Shirin in Love'
Ramin Niami's 'Shirin in Love'

7 & 7’s managing director Maura Ford said: “Shirin in Love is such an appealing movie for the international market. Boasting a lovely leading lady with all the daffy charm of a young Goldie Hawn and a leading man to die for, it affectionately satirizes the Iranian-American community but also carries a very positive message of ‘different but the same’ that will strike a chord internationally not only in the burgeoning Middle Eastern markets but also in an increasingly multicultural Europe.”

Producer Karen Robson also mentioned that the company has produced a superb Farsi dubbed version that will also screen in select US cities and will be available to foreign distributors

For more information on the film and 7 & 7 visit HERE.  7 & 7’s philosophy is that, for an independently financed film, it is in the producer’s and Investors’ best interest to retain control of the only tangible asset, The Film. With the help of 7 & 7 Producers’ Service, the film can be sold globally, licensed directly with all the international distributors, maximizing revenue at the source by allowing the producer to retain control of the equity investment for the life of its exploitation and enjoy first hand success of the film.

Ramin Niami is an Iranian American film director, producer, editor and writer who has worked on over twenty television documentaries -- for BBC,  Channel 4 and PBS. Ramin Niami’s first feature film, Somewhere in the City (1997), screened at over 25 international film festivals, was released theatrically in the U.S and shown on HBO/ Cinemax; His second feature Paris (2003), premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and was released by DEJ/ Blockbuster and 20th Century Fox Home Video and broadcast on Showtime/ TMC.  In 2013 his award winning blues documentary Babe's and Ricky's Inn (2013) was theatrically released. His new feature film Shirin in Love  (2014) which will be co-released by AMC Independent and sold internationally by 7 x 7 Producers Sales Service. The last two films have taken advantage of new technologies and a dysfunctional distribution system in a totally original way.

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