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Sydney's new report listing U.S. Film Distributors A-Z 2013 is a must have if you buy, sell or produce films.  Going to Sundance?  Berlin?  SXSW?  Tribeca?  Cannes?  This is where to start to get oriented to the latest in the biz NOW!!!

This report tells you who is in play with what product, what's being bought and sold and what types of films they are interested in (... perhaps YOUR FILM??).

Whether you are a producer looking for U.S. distribution or a distributor yourself, in the U.S. or any of the other 60 international territories, this report will back you up as you make the important decisions your job demands. The U.S. Distributors Report gives you an edge over the competition. Armed with information and links on all the current U.S. distributors and their most recent acquisitions, you can judge where your films belong.

This listing of U.S. Distributors gives the most recent pickups for No. America or U.S. from January through December 2013. The report includes links by title to Cinando to allow the reader to see who the international sales agent is, to IMDbPro for further research and to the U.S. Distributor's own website. It gives the broad strokes for the deal and if available will mention the reported sales figure. If you have suggestions of what you would like to see, please let me know by emailing me at Sydney[a]

**Those only wanting the Q4 version of the report can buy it at a reduced cost of $45.99 Click Here**