WolfCop follows Lou Garou (Leo Fafard), an alcoholic cop who tends to black out and wake up in unfamiliar surroundings. However, lately things have taken a strange turn. Crime scenes seem oddly familiar, Lou's senses are heightened, and when the full moon is out, he's a rage­fueled werewolf. WolfCop is one cop's quest to become a better man...one transformation at a time.

The werewolf-cop comedy "WolfCop" is the most innovative and impressive feat of film financing and distribution this year - claws down - and, thanks to pure creative genius and brilliant social media engagement, its audience turned into an online cult following before the film was ever released.

Here Comes the Fuzz.

While many were wondering about how to deal and stay on top in the rapidly changing entertainment industry, the creative and highly productive team at CineCoup was busy amassing its online audience for "WolfCop" and having a blast while doing it.

'WolfCop' Action Figure from Indiegogo Campaign
'WolfCop' Action Figure from Indiegogo Campaign

Their online efforts included an Indiegogo campaign that raised $28,130 of its $10,000 goal. Supporter rewards included a 12" vinyl press of the Wolfcop soundtrack, a WolfCop action figure, collector cards, a graphic novel and a hilarious Cannes Edition Pinup poster of WolfCop in homage to Burt Reynolds. As CineCoup President of Distribution and Sales Brad Pelman explained all these details with great enthusiasm and a grin on his face, it was easy to understand how much fun and ongoing hilarity his team experienced while producing this campaign. Fun, laughter and great teamwork resulting in success... Who would have thought??? 

The WolfCop fever is so infectious with its wit and comedic relief, that it naturally magnetizes online followers to join in on the fun. The usual Facebook and Twitter engagement has been activated, but additionally, there is a webpage where fans can demand it, to show distributors that the hunger for "The Wolf" is real. Fans have been so fired up to bring "The Fuzz" into the world, that one of them even paid for a WolfCop billboard advertising its release in Regina, Saskatchewan. Who does that??? A fan paying for an advertisement!?! This may just be a first. 

Return of the Fuzz.

'WolfCop' billboard, voluntarily paid for by a fan who's "hungry for the Fuzz"
'WolfCop' billboard, voluntarily paid for by a fan who's "hungry for the Fuzz"

“Based on the unanimous positive reaction to the film, we will be putting Wolfcop 2 into production this fall. We can't divulge much about the storyline at this point, only that it will be dirtier and harrier than the first one." - - Brad Pelman, CineCoup President, Distribution and Sales.

The demand for "WolfCop" has become so great that, as it was racking up distribution deals with the help of Raven Banner (including Image, Studio Canal, Ascot Elite, Shoshiku, Accent, and many others), its sequel got the green light at Cannes this year. Pelman confirmed that the sequel's shoot will begin this fall with the original cast set to return to the mayhem: "WolfCop 2, Bigger, Harrier". Director Lowell Dean will be at the helm of "WolfCop 2", following the same winning formula as his original. 

"WolfCop" just played at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal, Stige Film Festival, and will be at the Busan International Film Festival in Korea this October.   

Cinecoup Applies Its Social Engagement Model to Comedic Television Content

Pelman discusses CineCoup's new partnership with CBC and Just for Laughs:

The audience building that brought our success to "WolfCop" is now being deployed in the same manner for the television business in Canada, working with Just For Laughs (the festival and organization) and CBC as our "Destination" broadcaster, CineCoup will open a similar intake for comedy writers to submit 2 minute story ideas, in the form of a trailer.  We will put the teams through similar "missions" where the creators get to show the audience what they're made of.  Successful teams will rise to the top and CineCoup will option the top 10 project ideas.  CBC will develop and produce one of the pilots, and CineCoup and Just For Laughs will have rights on the other 9, which can be produced or set up elsewhere.

This level of audience engagement is truly cutting edge and where successful storytelling is going. This use of internet democracy that allows the audience to choose which stories they want to see and support will only continue to perpetuate CineCoup's success for years to come. 

'WolfCop' Graphic Novel, Indiegogo Campaign Reward
'WolfCop' Graphic Novel, Indiegogo Campaign Reward