Manos Sucias
Manos Sucias
The Festival began on Wednesday, April 16, with one film about, Nas (a hip hop artist), called

Time is Illmatic.

Thursday, April 17, however, was a movie lovers candy store. In ONE DAY, the topics ranged from rock stars/Super Duper Alice Cooper, fashion/Dior and I, drug deals/the Spike Lee executively produced, Manos Sucias, hot dogs/Famous Nathan, Montana/Fishtail,and sports/When the Garden Was Eden.

Manos Sucias Directed by Josef Wladyka, Executive Produced by Spike Lee

Winner: Best New Narrative Director

This film is about the relationship between an experienced trafficker (Jacobo) and a novice (Delio), bonding on a long trafficking mission on a dilapidated skiff, transporting millions of dollars of “merchandise” in tow, up a Columbian river. Coming face to face with the perils and dangers associated within that industry, the two get to know one another very well. In one scene, for example, the pair are sitting around a campfire discussing who is “the rey” or the king of soccer, Pele or Maradona? Jacobo and Delio continue on their journey, when the mission is almost completed, something goes awry, and they have to sort things out quickly, or their lives will be at stake.


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