Despite the increasing prominence of women in high profile careers that were once exclusive to males, the crucial decision-making roles and large portion of political and legislative positions are still filled by men. Directed by Emmanuel Itier and produced by Sharon Stone, the documentary FEMME:Women Healing the World examines the current conflicts and crisis humanity must face through a feminine perspective, one that is based on love and the nurturing instinct of women, and which could mean an alternative approach to a male-dominated world.

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Featuring interviews with leading women from all walks of life, Femme deals with a wide range of issues from war, to global warming, to the share responsibility of both partners when raising a child. The list of celebrated women includes Gloria Steinem, Maria Bello, Shirin Ebadi, and Maria Conchita Alonso, among many others.  

Itier wants to present femininity as a virtue rather than a weakness. It doesn’t pretend to be a feminist film that vilifies men, but rather one that empowers both women and men to join forces and learn from their differences and their common goals. As Evolutionary Biologist Elisabeth Sahtouris mentions “Any woman who knows how to run a household knows how to run a world”