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American Commune : We are filmmakers and sisters who were born on America's largest commune, The Farm. This is our first feature documentary and we are excited to finally be crossing the finish line! Join us in raising completion funds, so we can share this iconic story with the world! Help us raise funds on our Kickstarter: In 1970, 300 hippies founded a commune in the backwoods of Tennessee and set out to change the world. Members shared everything, grew their own food, delivered their babies at home and succeeded in building a self-sufficient society. By 1980, The Farm had 1,500 members and hosted 10,000 visitors a year. Their socialist experiment sowed the seeds for many of today’s most progressive movements, including organic farming, natural birth, vegetarianism, and solar power. Countless reporters—everyone from Dan Rather to Walter Cronkite—have covered The Farm in news segments, but we are the first insiders to tell our story. Directed/Produced by Rena Mundo Croshere and Nadine Mundo

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