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filmlatinobuzz : ( Maria Guardado is Salvadoran political refugee, having received political asylum from the United States in 1983, fleeing the U. S. backed civil war in her native El Salvador. Because of her political activity, the Salvadoran death squads had targeted her in 1980. She was tortured and left for dead in the streets. Now living in Los Angeles, Maria reveals how she recovered from her personal horror and she continues her life as a political activist and poet. In March of 2000, Maria returned to El Salvador to participate in the grand March to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the assignation of Archbishop Oscar Romaro. Along the way she returns to her hometown of San Miguel to revisit and reflect on the past. Uploaded with permission from the Writer/Director, Randy Vasquez. See the above website if you would like to provide a venue for a showing to include a forum with Randy and Maria.

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