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zack 3 : Content Marketing Strategies, Ideas, Concepts. Thanks to for the info. Content Marketing Basics Why Content Marketing Is Important to Your Brand What Makes Great — and Bad — Content Content Marketing Like a Pro Improving SEO with Content Marketing Lead Generation Top-10 Content Marketing Best Practices Content Marketing: Establishes authority and provides useful information Should be useful even to someone not interested in buying your product or service Not disguised as independent editorial Does not have to run in an editorial environment, like a third-party magazine Provides value to the consumer. Is honest and without hyperbole Basic Rules Lead Generation: Your content should generate leads for your business. Don't create content just to have content. Caveat: Don't create content that is purely sales-driven. Context: Your content needs to be placed in the right venues for the right audiences. Have a Strategy: One-off efforts won't cut it. Use an editorial calendar to plan content each quarter. Timing: Plan publication of content around customer buying cycle. Factor in Cost: Content marketing is expensive. It's a long-term investment; not a short-term solution. Make it Creative: Your content needs to bring something new to the consumer. Otherwise, it's a waste of time and money. Benefits to SEO Attracts authority signals (links, social shares) — improves SEO performance Positions brand as authority on relevant topics Increases conversion rates Educates users on topics that are difficult to understand

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