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When Are Films Political? Inequality For All

by Sydney Levine
January 20, 2013 9:30 AM
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Inequality For All

In lectures, books, and years of commentary, former labor secretary and current UC Berkeley Professor Robert Reich has argued passionately that widening income inequality poses one of the most severe threats to our economy and our democracy.
This film wins my First Prize, at least thus far. Robert Reich does such a brilliant, personally moving explanation of how our current economic malaise has come about. He leaves us his audience and his students in the gigantic lecture hall in Berkeley where his 13 week course was excerpted for this film, with a comprehension and hopefully the willful drive to raise our voices against corporate personhood, lobbying and in effect, the buying off of our government.  I hope that everyone will visit the website And I hope that the filmmakers will use those lectures to create a course online in The Economics of Inequality in America.  I mean all America from Alaska to the Cape Horn.

This film, explaining the daunting economic mess we are in, is informed with his personal saga of how he dealt with the bullying of the bigger boys in school, how he found older boys to protect him and how the death of his "protector", Robert Schwerner along with the two other civil right workers, affected his sense of fairness and the need to assert his belief in righteousness.

Actually, the film is not at all political. It crosses all lines. The greed of Wall Street and the corporate CEOs is more of a mental disease than a political or Socio-economic issue.

See this film!

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