3rd Annual China Canada Gateway for Film® Script Competition
3rd Annual China Canada Gateway for Film® Script Competition

Writer/producer teams from across Canada interested in co-producing with China are invited to submit their story ideas for this year’s third annual China Canada Gateway for Film® Script Competition in Whistler. Presented by the Whistler Film Festival + Summit in association with Telefilm Canada, the Script Competition introduces experienced Canadian writer/producer teams to Chinese studios with production financing on the table.

“The entire film world is looking for ways to develop relationships and growth opportunities with China,” says Jane Milner, WFF’s Director of China Canada Gateway For Film®. “This initiative provides a unique opportunity to develop relationships with production companies in China, forge co-production deals, and ideally secure distribution of films into the massive Chinese marketplace.”

The China Canada Gateway for Film® Script Competition is the first national effort of its kind, and the first that received the blessing of Beijing-based China Film Group, the most important film production company in China. Historically Canada/China co-productions are few and far between and are negotiated individually based upon long-term relationships. WFFS has invested several years to build relationships in China. The Script Competition provides a level playing field to Canadian creators to participate in a China Canada feature film co-production.

 3rd Annual China Canada Gateway for Film® Script Competition

Canadian writer/producer teams are invited to submit an application and script synopsis by September 30, 2014 for consideration. A selection committee consisting of WFF representatives and industry professionals, including a key international sales representative, will vet the applications and shortlist candidates for interviews before selecting the finalists. Projects should be appropriate for a budget of up to $5 million.

12 finalists will be announced by October 31, 2014. The finalists will take part in the pitch competition at the Whistler Film Festival’s Summit on December 4, 2014. Each experienced team will pitch a script synopsis to a panel of up to three international experts and three Chinese production companies, seeking to make films suitable for both the Chinese domestic and international markets.

The Whistler Film Festival is facilitating the opportunity by bringing the parties together and will not be in involved in the actual deals. The structure of each deal will vary with needs of the proponents.

Application criteria and guidelines are available HERE

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