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Video: How The Film Industry Has Changed & Where It Is Going

by Ted Hope
September 25, 2011 1:00 AM
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I gave this interview for the film "PressPausePlay" a couple of years back. It premiered at SxSW earlier this year. I would say it a bit differently today, but the sentiment and bullet points remain the same. I must admit I am a bit surprised, but how much I still say it exactly the same today.

We are still looking for an audience-friendly term for immersive transmedia cross-platform creation. I remain restless to abandon this single product impulse-buy centered entertainment economy.

It's a short clip. I rev up as it goes on, so give it the time to reach the end. I feel it grows quite hopeful. Good work will come out of today's problems.

I look forward to watching all the PressPausePlay clips they have put on YouTube.


  • ekim namwen | September 26, 2011 6:36 AMReply

    i love the VCR in the background. mark my words, one day it will be hip to watch, collect, and make movies on VHS.

  • Michel reilhac | September 26, 2011 4:50 AMReply

    Good talk Ted ! I love the fact that what you can read right next to you is "Life Insurance" on a file next to you,,,,

  • Floyd Fernandez | September 26, 2011 3:37 AMReply

    Great video! It's so true about the viewers involvement the last two productions was all funded by small groups.

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