The bikes are out, beers on patios are now nightly staples, and it's like 10 billion degrees outside, which are basically the 3 things necessary for me to officially declare it summer (take that, summer solstice). Last week, I made a suggestion for your song of the summer, but I figured I'd one up myself and offer 11 songs for this summer of 2011. Starting with my previous recommendation, and then with the rest after the jump:

Robyn, Call Your Girlfriend:

Adele, Rumour Has It:

Beyonce, 1+1:

Bon Iver, Calgary

Junior Boys, Banana Ripple:

Lykke Li, I Follow Rivers:

Nicki Minaj ft. Ester Dean, Super Bass

Santigold feat. Karen O, Go:

Shabazz Palaces, SWERVE The Reeping of All That Is Worthwhile Noir Not Withstanding:

TV on the Radio, Second Song:

The Weeknd, Rolling Stone