According to Friday estimates, Beyonce Knowles thriller Obsessed is set to lead the box office - grossing a pretty huge $11 million on opening day. It's an appropriate chart topper, considering this is the weekend following Earth Day, because it's essentially a complete recycling of 1987's Fatal Attraction, just watered down and campier. See:


Fatal Attraction:
(click here as for some reason Paramount has disabled embedding of the Fatal Attraction trailer despite the fact I'm certainly one of the first 100 people to even consider doing so).

But the recycling doesn't stop there.

#2 at the box office was "Fighting," a (extremely) watered down update (of sorts, at least) of "Fight Club," #3 is "17 Again," which is essentially a remake of "Big" (which was already recycled for that Jennifer Garner movie "13 Going on 30"), #5 is "Earth," which is just a feature film version of the TV series "Planet Earth," #6 is "State of Play," an Americanized version of the British miniseries, #8 is "Fast and Furious," the third sequel to "The Fast and the Furious," which barely even needed a name change, #9 is "Hannah Montana: The Movie," a feature film version of the TV Series "Hannah Montana," and #10 is "Crank: High Voltage," the sequel to "Crank."