The Academy has announced their always surprising shortlist for documentary feature.

It's wonderful news to see such a lovely range of inclusions: "The Beaches of Agnes," "Burma VJ," "The Cove," "Every Little Step," "Food, Inc.," "Mugabe and the White African," "Soundtrack for a Revolution," "Valentino The Last Emperor"...

But no "Anvil! The Story of Anvil"!!? I knew it wasn't a given, but I'll admit I'm pretty bummed out. I keep picturing Robb and Lipps' disappointed faces when they find out the news.

Some major snubs: "We Live In Public," "The September Issue," "Tyson," "It Might Get Loud," and in a huge blow to Michael Moore, "Capitalism: A Love Story".. Also shut out: "Outrage," "Racing Dreams," "Of Time and the City," "Unmistaken Child," and "Crude." Read the whole list at a