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The Lost Boys

How Not To Make a Film (Part One)

  • By Matthew Hammett Knott
  • |
  • November 14, 2011 5:13 AM
  • |
I am in the process of trying to make a short film. I thought it might be interesting to write about it from the very start, when nothing is really certain, nor anyone particularly sure how or when any of it will become any less so. My natural instinct would be to narrate the whole experience in a manner that casts me as some kind of inspired and inspiring auteur, driving my uncompromising artistic vision to the screen with guile and panache. But it would surely be far more interesting to force myself to be honest. And the truth is that the whole process is bound to be a severe learning experience for me more than anyone, and that 90% of it will be spent sitting in front of my laptop drinking coffee and wondering when I can next masturbate.

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