Atom Egoyan's "Single White Female"?

by thelostboy
May 12, 2009 10:29 AM
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I'm not at Cannes, but if I were, I'm certain one of the first things I would have done was take a photo of this poster and blogged it. But instead, I'm doing the next best thing. Taking it off Oh No They Didn't and blogging it. Because, seriously:

Atom Egoyan+Julianne Moore+Liam Neeson= "She invited Chloe into her life, her home, and her marriage. Big mistake."??

Maybe they just need to get rid of their horrible marketing team, but this is not what I expected from Chloe. It sounds a bit like this (or, really, any of the other films below it):

The "ripped poster," showing Chloe's deception beneath the tear, is an original touch:

It's obviously impossible to base anything off marketing, and I'm just having a little fun (who knows, it could be glorious). But this is just not quite what I imagined when I heard the news that "Neeson and Moore Join Egoyan's Latest."

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1 Comment

  • Peter Debruge | May 13, 2009 6:24 AMReply

    Oh my. Sounds even more routine than that other Liam Neeson potboiler, The Other Man, in which a jealous husband tracks down "the other man" (Antonio Banderas) in wife Laura Linney's life.

    I, too, expect more from Egoyan, but then, he's been on a losing streak lately. Maybe this is a paycheck project.

    Speaking of ill-considered marketing, a friend just turned me on to this 2004 Sundance doozy:
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