This is such a lame thing to complain about, but I just thought it was such a strange and annoying error.

So I'm reading Entertainment Weekly on the train to small town Canada yesterday, and after reading pretty much everything else, I decided I might as well roll my eyes at Scott Brown's The Hit List, a typically useless and humourless feature that wasn't funny when Jim Mullen did it ten years ago, and isn't funny now. In case your unaware, the list highlights ten events in popular culture, with short "comedic" commentaries by Brown.

And example of its comic genius:

Ha ha?

But anyway then I see #7:

Oh, yes, hardy hardy, a joke about health care and poutine. But the thing is, "Duplicity" didn't open big in Canada. It opened in third, with $1.3 million. That's roughly the equivalent of making $13 million in the US. And just like in the US, "I Love You Man" and "Knowing" both beat it.

So Brown MADE UP Canadian box office news to make a joke about poutine.