Fag Hag: The Ultimate Reality Show

By thelostboy | The Lost Boys May 27, 2009 at 7:33AM

Fag Hag: The Ultimate Reality Show

Are you "cunty"? Do you have "at least 5 flamingly gay homosexual male friends"? Do you want to "live in a loft with 12 other “fag hags” and compete in contests such as: “Being A Cunt”, “Eating a Dick”, and “Sucking Up To Your Boss” for prizes including, but not limited to: food, nail polish, tampons, trips to places in Brooklyn, worthless praise, upper lip hair removal, self esteem, and manny/peddies."

Then this craigslist ad/"ultimate reality show" audition might be for you! Word of warning though: "You must be willing to have a replica of your very own pussy tattooed above your asshole for the season finale."

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