God Has Chosen Her... To Dance

by thelostboy
March 19, 2009 4:50 AM
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The Carpetbagger reported yesterday on a possible "Fireproof" redux:

Last fall, Samuel Goldwyn Films turned the Christian movie “Fireproof” into one of the biggest indie money makers of the year. Starring Kirk Cameron as a firefighter struggling to preserve his marriage, the movie – produced for $500,000 – sold a jaw-dropping $33.5 million in tickets and made Hollywood do a double take. (Mr. Cameron, the former teen heartthrob and star of the 1985 sitcom “Growing Pains,” primarily works as an evangelical minister these days.)

Now another overtly religious film is gathering momentum on conservative blogs. “C Me Dance,” opening in about 200 theaters nationwide on April 3 and produced by Pennsylvania-based Uplifting Entertainment, is about a teenage girl who achieves her dream – joining the Pittsburgh Ballet – only to discover she has a rare blood disease. The girl and her father then embark on a spiritual adventure to bring revival to America.

Including marketing costs, the film cost just $500,000... with a grassroots campaign set in churches and youth groups has been ongoing for months. A review on ChristianCinema.com describes the film as “a thrill ride with tender emotions” but warns that the PG-rated film does show girls in dance leotards so might that it not be appropriate for kids under 12:

Two questions I'd love answered:

1. What makes cleavage "minor"? Small breasts?
2. What does "P0-1" mean? I googled to no luck.

Anyway, check the trailer here, and brace yourself for April 3. If anyone's up for smoking a little bit of pot and then heading to the cinema, email me:

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1 Comment

  • Joseph | March 19, 2009 5:41 AMReply

    So we have:

    1) The Devil stalking people
    2) Bloody Hands
    3) Girls in Dance Leotards

    I mean, throw in an endless supply of free chocolate for me, and well, damn near perfect if you ask me.

    However, OSCAR NOD Best Actress 2009

    "Like, uh Daddy? Like uhh like I've got like blood things... like uh Courtney like said like it's bad. yeah. like yeah. erm... uhhh... oh no... it's like him... like..."

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