I write this poolside at the Ramada West Hollywood, where I have managed to find myself for the next week thanks, as a matter of fact, to this blog. I won't go into detail, but just to update the narrative I started a few days ago on here that resulted in many a kind reaching out from people who read it... The craigslist scam I was a victim of when I arrived in LA has somehow worked out for the best. Thanks to the incomparable generosity of someone who read my post about it (who will remain nameless, but seriously, thank you), I'm all set for the next week (and then set again after that thanks to the incomparable generosity of someone else). I can't imagine a better place to spend Oscar weekend then what has to be one of the most gloriously gay hotels in the entire world (and the historic western end of Route 66!). Check this hilariously offensive review on tripadvisor.com, which from the point I read, knew this all had been destiny:

So take that, "Carla Marie." And thank you to everyone and anyone who helped out or reached out or, especially, put us up at this hotel.