A gay 18 year old, on his first day in the big city, was arrested along with his boyfriend during the Toronto G20 protests for allegedly "breaching the peace" despite basically just being a bystander. He's interviewed below and the story of his treatment by police while detained is totally horrifying. The people lined up all the gay people that had been arrested, and told them to "act straight" for their own safety, despite the fact that the only presence of homophobia was from the police themselves:

"It was a little stall, it looked like a dog pen. There was a whole line of just gay people in these one person things. The entire group [of detainees] was NOT homophobic whatsoever. The only homophobic people in that building were the police. Everyone else was so peaceful, loving and kind."

This is seriously fucked up, and suggests that when it comes to relations between police and gays, some things never change. Please repost the shit out of this video on your facebook walls and twitters so that awareness for the disgusting bigotry this boy experienced goes noticed on as grand a scale as possible.