If "Watchmen"'s Sold Out...

By thelostboy | The Lost Boys March 6, 2009 at 1:24AM

If "Watchmen"'s Sold Out...

Go see one of the winter's few box office disappointments: Fired Up!.

I truthfully never expected to make such a recommendation. I was forced into seeing the film when I was in Los Angeles last week, and would have probably never subjected myself to it otherwise. And maybe it was my criminally low expectations (which I suggest you have as well, this recommendation notwithstanding), but I thought the film - which follows two teenage boys (one of whom is played by Eric Christian Olsen, who must be in his late 30s) as they head to a cheerleading camp for the purposes of getting laid a lot - was shockingly clever and funny, and had a gay sensibility never seen before in a teen-tits-and-fart-joke movie. I'll stop there and let you see for yourself, and give you a clip that doesn't do the film justice:

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