Instagrams From The Blue Lagoon

by Peter Knegt and Matthew Hammett Knott
October 10, 2012 10:54 AM
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So we know: The Iceland stuff is getting annoying. You get it, we're in Iceland and Bjork and Dario Argento are here too. But we capped off our trip to the Reykjavik International Film Festival with a few hours at what is truly one of the most glorious tourist attractions in the world: The Blue Lagoon. 

A geothermal spa fueled by lava formations (with a bar, a restaurant and a hotel... not to mention wifi throughout -- Iceland is the wifi capitol of the world), it's located really close to Iceland's international airport and thus probably 30 different languages and nationalities are represented in its massive, steamy waters (many folks seemed just to go during a layover). The photo opps are insane (you sort of feel like you're on the moon), though be warned: It's very risky bringing your camera or phone into the water, especially after a few Icelandic beers. But clearly, we did it anyway. You want to go to here:

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