You can read the whole emmy nomination list here, and I'll refrain from some long winded rant about the few unexpected good things ("Flight of the Conchords" & "Breaking Bad" love; Jeremy Piven & "Two and a Half Men" snubs; "Mad Men"'s near sweep of the writing category, Sarah Silverman, Aaron Paul, Tracy Morgan & Kristin Wiig's nods), to the many somewhat expected bad things ("Friday Night Lights" and "The Shield" basically no major nods (though "FNL"'s best casting nomination is very well deserved); the snubs of Allison Pill, Christina Hendricks, Mary McDonnell, Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler, among many, many others; and I mostly love "30 Rock".. but 22 nominations!? It was a fairly uneven season). But let me just focus in on one ridiculous, unfortunate occurrence in this morning's nominations:

Where the fuck was January Jones? Did these voters actually watch "Mad Men"? Anyone that could honestly suggest Mariska Hargitay or even Jones' "Mad" co-star Elisabeth Moss (at least in lead.. Moss was not around as much in season 2) deserves a nomination over Jones is out of their mind. At least you're in good company, J.J.... Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lauren Graham and you should start a club.