Return From Aruba

By thelostboy | The Lost Boys June 8, 2010 at 9:47AM

Return From Aruba

After a hellish 18 hours of delays, lost luggage and one too many flights, I've returned from 5 days in Aruba for the Aruba International Film Festival. You can check out my more journalistic take on the experience here, but let me just briefly ramble on a more personal note: Journalists out there lucky enough to get invites to small, tight-knit film festivals like Aruba's, I highly recommend using the opportunity to take someone you care about that exists totally outside your work world (in my case in Aruba, my mother) and place them very much inside of it. Let them get an idea about how unique a a lifestyle film festival journalism can bring forth. And I don't mean for open bar parties or the potential for celebrity sightings, etc, etc... but just for that sort of summer camp-ish socializing and childlike sense of adventure these sorts of situations can create. For 5 days, not only did my mother get a genuine sense of what exactly it was that I did... she also got to kind of do what I do herself. Watching her experience it with fresh eyes shook me out of a bit of jadedness that can come with doing this over and over again... And it also gave her quite the few Arubian days and nights....

Some other Aruba-style photos here. It's a purdy little island.

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