Though it looks like it wasted opportunities (why not a pornographic remake of "The Contest"?), Seinfeld is soon to get the porno treatment (though, seriously, why now?). And the gang's all back: "Gerry," "Elaina," "Crammer," "Gorge," "Noman" and "The Porn Nazi." The "film," simply titled Seinfeld - An XXX Parody, is out on on June 29th. The Girlfriend Experience's Sasha Grey is apparently in it, though she's no where to be seen in trailer (which centers around "Gerry"'s observational humor: "Whats the deal with 'ography' at the end of 'pornography'?"), which is embedded here:

It's gonna the summer of Seinfeld between this and the I-cannot-wait seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, in which the entire cast is taking part to an apparently substantial degree.

The production company that made the porn also has - as you might know they got some play in blogland - previously released porn verisons of The Office and Scrubs. Which is just too easy. Let's get progressive: I want to see (well, I don't actually, but) a porn version of The Golden Girls.