Stalking Gael Garcia Bernal, Part 5

By thelostboy | The Lost Boys April 29, 2009 at 8:21AM

Stalking Gael Garcia Bernal, Part 5

I promise this will be the last Gael Garcia Bernal-related post for a bit, but here's a link to my write up of Bernal, Diego Luno and their "Rudo y Cursi" director Carlos Cuarón's discussion with my colleague Eugene Hernandez at the Apple Store

Here's a teaser clip of the event... indieWIRE will be posting more extensive (and more professional) clips next week. And if you're in New York, please come by the Apple Store for two of my other favourites - Tilda Swinton and John Cameron Mitchell - in conversation TOGETHER. 8pm. Apple Store SoHo. First come first serve.

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